About the Pastors

My Message:
I proclaim Jesus Christ as the head of the church and the manifest Word of God. My goal is to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. So that it may be applied to my everyday life in a practical and effective manner.

My Marriage and Family:
I have been married 22 years with a blended family of eight young adult children and four grandchildren. Marriage is a ministry to me. My wife, Yolanda and I believe that it is very important to love each other with the love of the Lord and then take that love and deposit it into our children. By allowing the Word of God into our marriage it has provided us with the nourishment needed to maintain a healthy, strong, faithful, sustainable and exciting marriage.

My Ministry:
Based on Psalm 150, Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:8, we exist for the purpose of worshiping God, making disciples and reaching the total human being - locally, nationally and worldwide. Type your paragraph here.

Leadership Mission:
I am a spiritual change agent with a distinctive record of restoring purpose, hope and passion to people’s lives through simplifying the message and presentation of the Gospel. He has spiritual and business leadership experiences which are enhanced by proven skills in the area of strategic business planning, operations and staff development along with a demonstrated record of building and revitalizing organizational infrastructures, and directing capital campaigns for the Kingdom of God.

 I pioneered United Fellowship Baptist Church so I could preach and teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding making application of the word practical and effective   for everyday living. I recognize the importance of having a prayer life and living the abundant life in Christ Jesus.  I am passionate about teaching the people of God to spend time in prayer, to study God’s Word and to walk in God’s Love daily.  I have also received numerous awards for community involvement engagement.

Families First Community Development Corporation
I incorporated a Community Development Corporation for Ten  (10)  years: The mission of Families First Community Development Corporation  is to educate, empower, and encourage family units to achieve a better quality of life by providing life enhancement programs.

Music Career Management for Seph Music and Ewing 3
My wife and I support our children’s dreams and goals 100%. The gospel music family group “Ewing 3” has a Neo-Gospel sound, melodic tones, and sweet harmonies mixed with a unique style of Hip Hop and R&B that will leave a positive, lasting impression on every listener and believer.

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Remember, You Don't have Any Problems, All You need Is Faith In God!

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